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About Us

Since 2005, SimpleXity offers tried and tested value simple solutions to complex problems, leveraging robust methodologies providing alignment across the business value chain to large and medium size corporations across industries, only in Africa. We understand how to contribute to business optimization in a clear, cost-effective way, fostering insightful change.

We’re BEE level 2, have a virtual office to keep overheads low and provide an even more cost-effective service to our clients.

Who we are

Business Processes
Jannie du Toit

Founder and Director 

B.Admin (University of Stellenbosch)

B. Comm (Hons) (University of Johannesburg)

Specialises in organisation design and development; change management; executive alignment;  strategy facilitation; team effectiveness

Business Processes
Johann van Jaarsveld


B.Comm (Hons) Industrial Psychology, Potchefstroom University


I-Coach Programme, University of Middlesex/University of Stellenbosch

Specialises in organisation design, leadership development, talent management, strategy facilitation, psychometric assessment, psychology of safety

Business Processes
Jan-Adriaan de Beer

Business Associate

M.Com Industrial Organisational Psychology (cum laude)

Registered Industrial & Organisational Psychologist 

Instrument Accreditation CPP, OPQ-32, EQ-I, PPA, Vienna-Dover, IP-200

Specialises in organisational effectiveness and transformation, talent management, individual career development and performance coaching, organisation design, data analytics and modelling, psychometric analysis and application. 

Business Processes
Joel Maine

Business Associate 

B Comm Hons (Information systems)

Certified Agile Business Analyst

Specialises in Digital Transformation, Digital Enablement and Optimisation, IT Strategy and Target Operating Model Design

Business Processes
Jeanne Louw

Business Associate

MA Industrial Psychology


Certified mBIT Coach (Multiple Brain Integrated Techniques)

Specialises in individual, team, leadership and organisational change with sustainable mindset; behaviour and performance modification as the outcome

Business Processes
Wendy Speelman
Business Associate

M.Com Industrial Psychology
B.Com Honours Industrial Psychology
B.Com Industrial Psychology (Cum Laude)
Certified Coach and Enneagram Practitioner
Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner
Registered Industrial Psychologist

Specialises in Leadership Coaching and Team Development, Organisational Development, Talent Management, Change Management and Employee Wellbeing
Business Processes
Bernard Koch

Business Associate

B. Bus. Sc (Hons)


Results Coaching Systems - Executive Coaching, Team Coaching

Accredited Lumina Practioner

Specialises in: Strategy development and implementation; Strategy Alignment, Leadership Development & Coaching; Change Management; Culture Transformation; Organisational Development, Design and Effectiveness

Business Processes
Liza-Marie Vermeulen

Business Associate

BA Industrial Psychology

BA (Hons) Industrial Psychology

M.A (Cum Laude)

Specialised interest in individual, team and organisational development.

Behavioural safety initiatives

Culture transformation

Psycho-legal practitioner

Psychometric assessments

Business Processes
Sonica Mouton
Business Associate

B.Com Industrial Psychology (Cum Laude), UNISA
M.Com Industrial Psychology, Cum laude (Thesis), Stellenbosch University
Registered Industrial Psychologist [PS0138118] - Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
Registered Psychometrist: Independent Practice [PMT0088447]– Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
Registered Psychologist – New Zealand Psychologist Board

Psychometric Accreditations - Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), Belbin (360), Hogan Suite, EQi, TEIQue, IP200, IMI and all INTEG International measures, Giotto, SHL - Occupational Personality Profile(OPQ), Psytech, TTS - Cut-e, Wave (Saville Consulting), LPCAT, Master International, Enneagram, NBI Kobus Neethling, Lumina

Specialises in the business optimisation field, specifically leadership and executive development, psychometric assessments, behaviour change, talent management, organisational development and design.
Business Processes
Dorette Smit
Business Associate

Communication Management, University of Pretoria
Humanitarian Diplomacy, Diplo & IFRC
Advanced Project Management, University of South Africa
Masters Certificate in Negotiation, Michigan State University

Specialise as a Humanitarian aid expert evaluating/revamping organisational practices, change management, and strategic coordination of humanitarian aid delivery.
Business Processes
Marizanne Koen

Business Associate


B.Comm Hons (Industrial Psychology)

M.Comm (Industrial Psychology)

Registered Industrial Psychologist

Specialises in reward & recognition, system & process development, remuneration data analysis, mergers & acquisitions data mapping and psychometric assessments 

Business Processes
Esté Meyer

Business Associate

M.Comm Industrial Psychology 

Registered Industrial Psychologist

Specialises in organisational development, organisational culture and wellness, individual and leadership enablement, team dynamics & profiling, psychometric assessments.

Business Processes
Michele Strauss
Business Associate

B.A Industrial Psychology Potchefstroom University
B.A (Hons) Industrial Psychology, Potchefstroom University
M.A, Potchefstroom University
Management Development Programme with the UCT School of Business
Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner, Timeline Therapist
Prosci® Certified Change Practitioner - Delivered by CMC Partnership Global

Specialise as a Behaviourist focusing on Organisational Strategy Development, Organisational Design, Leadership development, Culture Transformation, and managing Organisational Change linked to strategy and design.

Business Processes
Tim Koch

Business Associate

MSc (Industrial Psychology)

Specialises in leadership development, team effectiveness, strategy alignment, culture transformation, organisation design; psychometrics

Business Processes
Ronel Minnaar

Business Associate

B.Comm (Personnel Management)

B.Comm Hons (Personnel Management)

M Com (Human Resource Management)

Registered industrial Psychologist and Coach

Specialises in leadership development, Organisational Culture, Change and Transformation, Individual and Team Coaching, Talent Management

Business Processes
Jaco Klopper

Business Associate

B.A Industrial Psychology (Cum Laude), Potchefstroom University

B.A (Hons) Industrial Psychology, Potchefstroom University

M.A, Potchefstroom University

Programme for Management Excellence (Dux), GIBS Business School

Certified. NLP Coach and Practitioner, Timeline Therapist

Special interest in leadership development, culture transformation projects, talent management, psychometric assessment, psychology of safety

Business Processes
Dr Daan Marais

Business Associate

Hons B. Eng (Chem) (Stellenbosch 1979)

MBA (Stellenbosch, 1988)

PhD (Stellenbosch, 1995)

Specialises in techno-economic investment modelling; risk impact assessments; knowledge and information management; econometric forecasting; socio-economic impact assessments; general business modelling and business process optimisation

Business Processes
Peter van Hoof

Business Associate

B.Eng (Electrical & Electronic)

M.Eng (Electrical & Electronic)


Specialises in Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis, Business Improvement, Organisation Design, Work Effort Determination; IT Solution Development

Business Processes
Jacques Fauré

Business Associate

B.Eng Industrial Engineering, University of Pretoria

SAIIE (Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering) President (2021-2023)

Senior operations design consultant

Specialises in operations- assessments, improvement, design & management, current- and future state assessments & analysis, continuous improvement, data analysis, and strategy development.

SimpleXity | Management Consulting

What we believe in

When It Starts, It Starts

A right idea or project at the wrong time is a terrible idea. We have learned that we need to meet our clients where they are. Some of them are not in a rush, and then we need to slow down our speed accordingly. Some of them are "driving at 180 km/h", and we have demonstrated that we can meet them where they are. 

When it starts, it starts...

When It's Over, It's Over
There is nothing as bad as a consulting partner that does not want to let go. They sometimes do not realise that projects must die eventually. Projects cannot live forever. We are proud to boldly say that we know when our job is done, and we usually do so well in time and under budget. We believe that the short road is the long road, and that the long road is the short road. Building a long term relationship with you and demonstrating good value and applicable delivery is for us the long road. We firmly believe that more business comes to those who focus on delivery and doing the right things right. It has proven itself over and over after all these years
Scars on the Back
We are all very experienced. A consultant that did not spend his or her time in corporate, is dangerous. They often come with a hammer (their methodology) and then force everything as if it is a nail. Not us. We bring methodology, but we bring with it an agility that can only come after years of experience. We all have scars on our back.
Golfer / Caddy
We believe not to force anything. Not conversations, not friendships, not attention, not deliverables. Anything forced is just not worth fighting for. Whatever flows, flows. What crashes, crashes. It is what it is. We will be your caddy, and we will give you good advice on what to do and when. But we will not take the club out of your hand. Change needs to happen through leadership...
Make Things Work

Nothing works...we must make it work. We have seen this over and over. The best organisation designs and deliverables mean nothing if you are not prepared to make them work. We will make them work with you. We will do a lot of the heavy lifting where required. We come with tested methodologies, tons of experience and sound advice.

It is our distinct ability to read the situation and to make things work that will impress you. 

Call us.

Large Footprint

There is nothing as expensive as a cheap consultant...

We are not cheap, but we are also not expensive. And we have a large footprint in Gauteng as well as the Western Cape. We work across countries in Africa and also across various industries. When you contract us, we bring that footprint to the table.

Will vs Resources

We have seen so many projects where the business resources are there and in place. Money has been budgeted. Contracts have been signed. Project buildings and parking have been organised. Venues kitted out with fancy whiteboards and desks.

But very often the business will lack, even though the resources are there.

If we get to choose, we will always prefer the golfer with the old set of golf-clubs but with the will and passion to play golf. The golfer with the spanking new golf clubs usually gives up after the first few holes. You will most probably find him in the clubhouse afterwards...

Will is everything

Bare Hands
We are not scared to work hard. We are used to it. We are not scared of "heavy-lifting".  We come with our bare hands to you and we walk a journey with you. And we "fit" what needs to happen within the context so that we deliver a tailor-made solution in time in close collaboration with you. It is what a good management consultant should do. 
Cut The Crap

We do not believe in "lipstick".

We identify what needs to be delivered, and we work in close collaboration with you to put it on the table.

No frills, no fuss.

Simplexity Consulting
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